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Property Management

Reward Realty is available to assist with all of your real estate needs include property management and locating properties for rent.

As a homeowner, if selling your property is not the best business decision to make then maybe you should consider leasing or renting your home. Reward Realty can assist with all of your property management needs. Our areas of expertise include single and multifamily dwellings, Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, and commercial rentals.

If you are deciding that purchasing a home is in your future but does not suit your current needs, then let Reward Realty assist you finding a rental home that meets the needs of you and your family. There are many single family homes available for rent in our area and we can give you access to all of them.

Landlords Guide
If you are a property owner looking for a partner that you can trust to handle your property management duties, look no further!

Why Use a Professional Property Manager?
You should if any of the following are true: You live farther than a couple of neighborhoods away from your rental property.

You’re not a home maintenance guru.
You don’t have at least 10-12 hours per month to deal with tasks related to your rental property.
You don’t want to have to make yourself constantly available in case of emergency.
You don’t have a good working knowledge of landlord-tenant law.
You don’t ever want to have to worry about dealing with difficult or non-paying tenants.

Property Services

  • Pre-Leasing Inspection: Before a property is accepted for management, we do an inspection of the property. We may suggest that you make certain renovations repairs and/or upgrades.
  • Setting the right rental rates: Reward Realty will conduct a thorough market analysis in order to set a rental price for your property.Collecting and depositing monthly rent payments on time: We have an efficient tried-and-true system in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments.
  • Marketing and advertising your property
  • Finding the right tenants: we secure all criminal background and security checks, run credit reports, verify employment and collect landlord references.
  • Managing tenants and vendor relationships: we handle both routine and emergency maintenance and manage any situation where conflict resolution is required.
  • Ensure compliance with housing regulations and property laws: there is a multitude of applicable laws and regulations to abide by when renting and maintaining your rental property. Property Fees.
  • Reward Realty Property Management Division will receive ½ of the first month’s rent.
  • Reward Realty Property Management Division charges a competitive rate of only 8% of the monthly gross collected. Some properties may need special attention whereas compensation will be addressed in the individual property agreement between Reward Realty and the property owner.

Maximize the profitability of your time: your free to spend your time identifying further investment opportunities Reasons to employ Reward Realty

  • Saves you time, work and stress
  • Management fees are usually a tax deduction
  • Watchful care of your investment property
  • 24-hour emergency contacts
  • We pay 100% of website advertising costs
  • We have qualified, capable service people
  • Monthly bookkeeping and reports
  • We screen renters and collect rent
  • 30 years proven track record

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